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Husk'sWare is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping our planet by turning rice husks into eco-friendly products that conform to international certificate standards. Its products include a wide range of kitchenware and dining ware suitable for all ages.

Husk'sWare products are reusable and biodegradable. Rice husks, if not used by Husk’sWare, would otherwise be thrown or burnt away. Husk'sWare thus helps to reduce pollution and revive waste.

Husk'sWare is proud to be certified by international analytical organisations from TUV (Germany), SGS (Switzerland), BOKEN (Japan) and CTI (China):


Here's the life cycle of Husk'sWare products:


Infographic credit: Husk'sWare Singapore

We are privileged to be appointed as Husk'sWare’s exclusive distributor in Singapore.
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