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Spirit of Enterprise Award 2018

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Established in Year 2003, SOE’s twin mission is to promote and advance entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore by honouring local self-reliant entrepreneurs operating small and medium-sized businesses; and by inspiring Singaporeans, especially the young, to become entrepreneurs through the facilitation of interaction and communication between students and entrepreneurs.

The SOE Awards is one of the pioneer Awards in promoting and celebrating entrepreneurship in Singapore, and still continues to do so today.  It is the only award for entrepreneurship from a charitable organisation. Most business awards in Singapore today celebrate the achievements of large, successful enterprises.  SOE differentiates itself in that it recognises and celebrates the journey of the successful entrepreneur in small and medium local enterprises, acknowledging that their entrepreneurial spirit is as much a cause to honour, and serve as an inspiration to our Singapore youths in realising their dreams. 

In 2018, we are pleased to announce that Gernise Global Pte Ltd has been nominated and won the SOE Awards. We are elated with the regconition of our effort and motivated to strive even harder to reach for greater heights.

soe award ceremony  soe award ceremony


 Singapore's Business Luminary Award for 2016

 Gernise Global Pte Ltd has been awarded with Singapore's Business Luminary Award for 2016.

Every year, only 100 enterprises will be selected for the award which aims to promote and honor self-determined and local entrepreneurs who have been in the operation of small and/or medium-sized businesses. The award also aims to inspire other Singaporeans, especially our younger generations, to take up the role and challenge in becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

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