Managing director, Ms. Vanessa Ong was first exposed to logistics when she worked under the logistic management service department in a plastic company in 1997. She later moved on to becoming a sales manager and a director in two other companies before venturing out into her own business.

Ms. Ong had to endure many challenges during the initial stages. She faced rejection in the first six months, many being sceptical of her business and the negative reputation of China products. Additionally, there was not enough marketing done to promote her business, forcing Ms. Ong to change her tactics.

She also held herself accountable to every proceeding which included bringing the materials to clients, allowing them to see it first-hand and providing one-stop solutions to her clients. Gernise Global stands out on the fact that Ms. Ong is sincere in building relationship with her clients, having a “can help – will help” attitude as well as her extensive area of expertise.