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Gernise Global was established in 2014 as an exclusive distributor of polycarbonate films and other plastic merchandises to Mianyang Longhua Films in Sze Chuan, China.

We expands ourselves in Southeast Asia by distributing plastic raw material for engineering all types of plastic films used in automotive, telecommunications, E&E industries etc. 

“Work for a cause, not for applause”

Spirit of Enterprise Award 2018

The SOE Awards is one of the pioneer Awards in promoting and celebrating entrepreneurship in Singapore, and still continues to do so today.  It is the only award for entrepreneurship from a charitable organisation. Most business awards in Singapore today celebrate the achievements of large, successful enterprises.  SOE differentiates itself in that it recognises and celebrates the journey of the successful entrepreneur in small and medium local enterprises, acknowledging that their entrepreneurial spirit is as much a cause to honour, and serve as an inspiration to our Singapore youths in realising their dreams. 

In 2018, we are pleased to announce that Gernise Global Pte Ltd has been nominated and won the SOE Awards. We are elated with the regconition of our effort and motivated to strive even harder to reach for greater heights.

Singapore’s Business Luminary Award for 2016

Gernise Global Pte Ltd has been awarded with Singapore’s Business Luminary Award for 2016.

Every year, only 100 enterprises will be selected for the award which aims to promote and honor self-determined and local entrepreneurs who have been in the operation of small and/or medium-sized businesses. The award also aims to inspire other Singaporeans, especially our younger generations, to take up the role and challenge in becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

About the Founder & Managing Director

Managing director, Ms. Vanessa Ong was first exposed to logistics when she worked under the logistic management service department in a plastic company in 1997. She later moved on to becoming a sales manager and a director in two other companies before venturing out into her own business.

Ms. Ong had to endure many challenges during the initial stages. She faced rejection in the first six months, many being sceptical of her business and the negative reputation of China products. Additionally, there was not enough marketing done to promote her business, forcing Ms. Ong to change her tactics.

She also held herself accountable to every proceeding which included bringing the materials to clients, allowing them to see it first-hand and providing one-stop solutions to her clients. Gernise Global stands out on the fact that Ms. Ong is sincere in building relationship with her clients, having a “can help – will help” attitude as well as her extensive area of expertise.

Not just survival: crafting long term digitalisation strategies


Entrepreneur Vanessa Ong founded Gernise Global in 2014, a B2B company specialising in distributing polycarbonate and plastic raw material. . In 2016, she also founded MamaShop, a B2C e-commerce platform specialising in environmentally-friendly products including lifestyle products and eco-friendly straws.

During the pandemic, like many other businesses, her ventures were pushed towards digitalisation out of necessity. Though the process was challenging, they received help through a partnership with The FinLab, an innovation accelerator powered by United Overseas Bank. The results have shown how digitalisation not only allows for survival, but opens up new avenues for long term growth and performance.

SMEhorizon spoke with Vanessa Ong, Managing Director and Founder of Gernise Global and Mamashop, and Pauline Sim, Head, The FinLab, on Gernise Global and Mamashop’s digital journey, the current momentum for digitalisation, and how SMEs can best leverage digital transformation for long term success.

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Sim shared how The FinLab, which has supported Fintechs, SMEs and start-ups across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand on their digitalisation journey for five years, is now seeing more businesses prioritise and accelerate their digitalisation efforts, sometimes out of necessity rather than choice, as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

“We have also seen more consumers going online more frequently to buy goods and services. We believe that this shift in consumer behaviour to digital services is permanent, and businesses must follow suit to continue to grow their customer base and revenue streams.

“Not surprisingly, a recent UOB survey of ASEAN SMEs found that SMEs in the region now see digitalisation as their top priority (60 per cent) following the pandemic, an area that was ranked fourth (49 per cent) prior to the outbreak.”

Echoing her statements, Ong shared how the current pandemic was a decisive factor in recognising the importance of digitalisation. “During the circuit breaker, we had to re-evaluate our customer acquisition strategy because our retail partners could not operate and corporate orders were put on hold. We needed to strengthen our digital capabilities for both Gernise Global and Mamashop.

Source: SME Horizon | 9th September 2020

Retooling businesses and raising kids: Mumpreneurs struggle to keep it together


One mum who had to transform her company quickly is Ms Vanessa Ong, 43, founder and managing director of Gernise Global, which deals in plastics, and Mamashop, which offers eco-friendly products.

She found herself working seven days a week during the circuit breaker as she had to supervise her twins’ home-based learning (HBL), manage the household and cook.

She has no helper and her husband, 43, is an essential worker in the marine industry.

“Managing working from home and HBL drove me nuts,” she says.

She founded Mamashop in 2016 after looking for environmentally-friendly items for her twins, now aged seven.

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While she used to focus on selling to retailers and corporations, she had to overhaul her business quickly when her retail partners closed during the circuit breaker and corporate orders were put on hold.

She already had an e-commerce website, but online consumers have little brand loyalty. So she created regular marketing activities, from contests and giveaways to collaborations with other businesses and influencers.

For instance, when bubble tea shops had to close, she shared a DIY bubble tea video online to promote her eco-friendly bubble tea straw, and sent some to influencers to try. This boosted sales for two weeks.

Now that malls have opened in Phase 2, she is seeing business-to-business opportunities resume, but will continue to have both online and offline platforms.

“I learnt that mumpreneurs can be wonder women. We can multitask as a mum, a chef, a teacher, a boss, an entertainer and even a fitness coach,” she says.

Source: Straits Times Online | 27th June 2020

Women’s Festival 8th March 2020
@Kampung Admiralty

The Women’s Festival 2020 was organized by Sembawang GRC, to celebrate and appreciate women from all walks of life, sharing their stories, and further empowering other women.

Mumpreneurs Go Places (MGP)

A series of “Marketplaces” which serves as a platform to introduce Mumpreneurs and their businesses to the corporate world and raise awareness of the new “phenomenon” of women juggling business and children. We curate bazaars for various organisations and corporations, putting together mumpreneurs who present a wide range of products and services.

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